My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

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My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

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By this discovery he proved that Earth could be used as a conductor and made to resonate at a certain electrical frequency. In the case of DC (Edison, in his limited vision, was a fan of direct current) every house was required to have their own generator because DC will only travel so far. I only wish that we had in our possession more books composed by this man; if a hundred pages alone had this effect, imagine the influence other books could have had.

My Inventions Nikola Tesla's Autobiography, serves as Nikola Tesla's autobiography, encompassing reflections on his significant breakthroughs and revolutionary creations. Among them, Tesla's most remarkable invention, alternating current (AC) empowers a wide range of modern marvels, spanning from household heating systems to computers and advanced robotics.In 2005, he was listed amongst the top 100 nominees in the TV show The Greatest American, an open access popularity poll conducted by AOL and The Discovery Channel. Written by Nikola Tesla at the age of sixty-three, this autobiography is a fascinating glimpse into the interior life of a man who may have contributed more to the fields of electricity, radio, and television than any other person living or dead, a man certainly possessed of genius and one who some consider the most important man of the twentieth century. He tells a lot of stories of his childhood, which were a very interesting glimpse into a great mind. Nikola Tesla, uncelebrated oracle of the electronic age without whom our telephone, radio, automobile ignition, and television would have been unrealized, was born in Croatia in 1856.

Freeing ourselves from wires, and harnessing the waves in the air around us, would not only lead to advances in technology that were at that time unimaginable, but for Tesla, wireless meant that we could finally connect everyone in the world. Nowadays, we're mostly familiar with the Tesla basics - archetypal mad scientist, ripped off by the charlatans Edison and Marconi, and A Bit Odd. Tesla started working in the telephony and electrical fields before emigrating to the United States in 1884 to work for Thomas Edison.Tesla's personal account is divided into six chapters covering different periods of his life: My Early Life, My First Efforts At Invention, My Later Endeavors, The Discovery of the Rotating Magnetic Field, The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer, The Magnifying Transmitter, and The Art of Telautomatics. Much of his early work pioneered modern electrical engineering and many of his discoveries were of groundbreaking importance. Upon solving the problem of increased energy consumption, countries would have fewer reasons to fight wars, and we would find alternative solutions to never-ending conflicts.

In the final essay, the longest of the three, he tackles the problem of humanity's pressing need to tap into alternative energy sources, and I wish I could say more than that because it sounds really interesting, but frankly, I have no idea what the fuck he's talking about. Sobald er sich wieder in seinen Berichten über Maschinen ergibt, gab ich mir zwar Mühe, aber das war dann doch zu viel für mich. Still, for someone who single-handed invented our entire AC power grid and succeeded in promoting it over the objections of Edison, he was a genius of the sort that the world seldom sees.

The other writings are three short essays: In the first, he precipitates the advent of widespread military AI (killer robots) and morbidly descends upon the problem of ending warfare once and for all through WMDS and how no nation would voluntarily use a weapon so deadly and despicable so as not to tarnish their reputation (he was wrong on that point). What I mean by that is that in figuring out AC (to replace DC) and in trying to figure out wireless, Tesla overcame the constraints caused by physical wires that are held in place, constrained to one physical area. Among many other astounding inventions, including building an AC motor, he came up with the concept of wireless communication in the 1890's!

Simultaneously, I believe that the efficient engineer has to be on the lookout for something that transcends that, equally focusing on what happens next: the post-mortal existence of man in a higher realm of pure metaphysical knowledge. As someone who is starting a company (Goodreads), I'm starting to have a big appreciation for those who can believe in an idea against all odds, when everyone else believes it can't be done. The breakdown was so severe, Tesla was in bed for months and suffered complete amnesia for the entirety of his past, including the knowledge of how to invent anything at all.He traveled to America to make the world a better place, but America always makes sure to grind down anyone that cares for the betterment of humanity.

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