As Good As Dead: TikTok made me buy it! The brand new and final book in the bestselling YA thriller trilogy (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Book 3)

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As Good As Dead: TikTok made me buy it! The brand new and final book in the bestselling YA thriller trilogy (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Book 3)

As Good As Dead: TikTok made me buy it! The brand new and final book in the bestselling YA thriller trilogy (A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Book 3)

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Pip is also being plagued by a series of violent and disturbing thoughts whenever she sees Max, even imagining killing him which isn’t normally for the straight-laced, scientific Pip we have come to know and love. knowing that they were willing to choose each other makes me have hope that they would continue to at any given time, even 694 days after having no contact. I pretty quickly predicted a portion of the plot, but was confused when my predictions were coming true only halfway through the book.

The harassment quickly escalates and Pip begins noticing things popping up around her house that indicate this person may be close by, watching her. I read the first book a while back, so there might have been something planted, but in the third book there wasn’t. Overall, this has been a solid 5 star series and each one of these books has left me breathless by the end and this might be contender for my favourite book of the year. It was disturbing to see the juxtaposition between starry-eyed first book Pip and the podcast she made to expose the truth and now this different Pip and the podcast she made to obfuscate the truth. Last time, Pip had been the kind of someone who outdid the police in cracking murder and missing person cases.The final case is to unmask that serial killer before he kills Pip – “save myself to save myself” and Pip continually tells us. Then we mercifully get into the core mystery of this book, but that's wrapped up pretty quickly by the end of Part I. I was also completely on edge reading the scenes where he was near, such as the later stick figure scenes, Pip’s speakers sounding in the middle of the night and the printer going off as well.

I know the theme is Pip seeking justice outside the legal system and how this has destroyed her, but really. I do not think the audience is supposed to sympathize with Pip, but I’m not sure what the point of the book was overall besides totally destroying these characters we’ve grown to love.But that means it made me feel and thats for me the most important thing in a book that it makes me feel and that was what As good as dead delivered. During this time she has also drugged Max and collected the items she needs from his home like his hair, his phone and clothes to stage him being present at the scene of the crime before wiping down any trace she could have left there and starting a fire to consume everything else except the blood and the body. Part of me wanted to shout at Pip for her logic and some of the decisions she made…but I could also see her point of view and how she came to the conclusions she did. One of the main reasons I escape into books is to take comfort in strong characters who can kick ass again and again, rising from the ashes no matter what happens to them. As we approach the ¾ mark in the novel, we’ve still got around 200 pages left for Pip and Ravi to get away with murder and put a serial rapist behind bars and I can’t wait to see if they actually pull it off or if Pip is going to prison.

Looks like Pip is going to have to handle this herself, and when she notices similarities with a closed case of a serial killer, things go from bad to worse. She is also facing a lawsuit from Max as he wants an apology from the recording Pip published with him admitting to what he had done and she refuses telling him she would die before apologising to him as she believes he is truly a monster and wants him behind bars and I agree.I must admit, the kidnapping scene happened not where I thought it would in the book, and her managing to escape was quite far fetched, but I was still rather enjoying it nonetheless at that point. While i liked the series overall, this is definitely my least favorite in the series and, again… it just felt like a complete 180.

I get that she thought no one would believe her over some respectable white guy, that he might not even have been arrested. This will definitely be a controversial installment, and if you're a big fan of the first two books, I'm struggling with recommending this final story and letting you just preserve your experience via the first two. And I very much enjoyed attempting to solve the case with Pip (who I now want to be my best friend). despite the ending that they had, the love they had for each other was present in everything they did. If you love the characters, the ‘whodunnit’ style and overall the first two AGGGTM novels, I must ask that you NEVER DARE pick up or even go remotely near a copy of this book.If you haven’t read the other books or you are planning on reading this one you might want to skip my review all together as there WILL be spoilers. Then, Pip at Cambridge can miraculously sleep after murdering someone BUT COULDN’T FOR MONTHS AND HAD TO TAKE DRUGS TO HELP HER AFTER SEEING STANLEY DIE? Pip decides she needs to figure out who this stalker is on her own because the police doesnt believe her and feels like this is the one last case that will make her feel normal again and makes her feel good and bad again instead of morally grey.

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