A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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He reveals that he’d known her mom for many years, and was the source of information on how to kill a Primal. Between the two of them they are able to hold off Veses but barely, and Sera brings Reaver back to life–he was hurt terribly by Veses, to the point of death. But in terms of which series is faring better, I definitely think Flesh and Fire is winning readers over Blood and Ash. Sera realizes a few moments later what he said, and questions it, to which Nyktos says he knew what kind of effect his blood would have on her and he should have left her or restrained himself when the effects came on. Nyktos asks him if he’s here to satiate his own curiosity or if he came on Kolis’ behalf, to which Attes responds that he is curious but also Kolis asked him to deliver a message to Nyktos.

He admits that the Rot spread slowly at first but then all of a sudden, things started dying, and when Sera asks how long ago it started, Nyktos said that it would be 21 years in five months when the Rot started to creep up and around Iliseeum. I'm glad that Sera and Nyktos maintain their individuality because that's the issue I had with Casteel's characterization being almost non-existent in TWOTQ and dependent on Poppy. Answer:Three years ago, she followed him to the temple where Sera was offered to him for the first time. He adds that the thread of fate that broke off for her was unexpected, unpredictable, and it’s as ever changing as her thoughts, her heart and Nyktos’ heart–her greatest chance of survival is love as it is more powerful than even the Arae could know, and all of the remaining threads have showed that she would die by a certain age. Ector tells him that he’s being an ass, and goes on a speech about how Sera has had their backs and carries the embers of life, which surprises Sera as she wasn’t sure where she stood with Ector.I mean, considering that the other series talks about Seraphena, I suspect something will happen, but boy is there a lot of anticipation of the how. I think JLA conjured an intriguing fantastical world and that was one of my favorite elements about this series, but there are limits to how much world-building the series would continue to need.

Sera tells him the truth about what they did to get her out of that betrothal, and then on their ride back they encounter nymphs. October is exiting stage left, and November is entering stage right leaving us ready to cozy up with some amazing books this month. Then he asks her what she was thinking about earlier and she tells him it was Tavius, her step brother.

He offers to go take her mother and put her next to Tavius in the Abyss, but Sera ultimately says no. I will say that roughly the second half of this book is more chaotic and things are just constantly happening – things are revealed and I loved every minute of it. Kolis is aware that he had taken a Consort, and has decided to deny Nyktos’ right to a coronation all because there hasn’t been a coronation in years, and he wants it to be more traditional, which means that Nyktos must gain Kolis’ permission to crown a Consort. Rhain tells her that Veses somehow found out about Eythos’ deal and threatened to tell Kolis about it so that he could take Sera from the mortal realm and used her to get to Nyktos. As much as I love the Blood and Ash series, something about the Flesh and Fire series just hits so much harder and I honestly enjoy it a lot more.

I definitely recommend picking up this book – Ash and Sera are fantastic, the plot is captivating and you’re in for a wild but fun ride with a great cast of characters.Update: JLa answered a bunch of questions for the book club (FB JLA book club) and some theories must be wrong with the answers we got 😬 We also now know that book 4 will not the last book in the Flesh and Fire series and despite the fact we will have to deal with another cliffhanger I am super happy these two get more books. He has his issues and worries, and it’s not all about Sera, there are also moments about him and his problems, and he has his character arc. He gives her a history lesson on Primals and what it meant for the Primals when they started to feel emotions.

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