LEGO Marvel Avengers War Machine Buster 76124 Building Kit (362 Piece)

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LEGO Marvel Avengers War Machine Buster 76124 Building Kit (362 Piece)

LEGO Marvel Avengers War Machine Buster 76124 Building Kit (362 Piece)

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Multiversal Heroes: Captain Assyria | Captain America 2099 | Captain Avalon | Forbush Man | Greenskyn Smashtroll | Hulk 2099 | Iron Man 2020 | Nosferata | Warmaker Detach the stud-shooting cannons and place in the War Machine minifigure's hands and on his shoulder.

Dark Elf | The Destroyer | Ego the Living Planet | Enchantress | Executioner | Frost Giant | Kurse | Laufey | Malekith the Accursed | Mr. Hyde | Radioactive Man | Ragnarok | Surtur Runaways: Alex Wilder | Chase Stein | Gert Yorkes | Karolina Dean | Molly Hernandez | Nico Minoru | Old Lace Carnom | Demogoblin | Electro 2099 | Green Goblin 2099 | Hammerhead | Human Fly | Kingpin | Kingpin Henchman | Lizard ( Curt Connors) | Miles Warren | Mister Negative | Norman Osborn | Sandman Goon | Silvermane | Symbiote Scientist | Tinkerer | Venom 2099 Aleta Ogord | Charlie-27 | Cosmo the Space-Dog | Kraglin Obfonteri | Major Vance Astro | Martinex | Moondragon | Nikki | Starhawk The War Machine and Ant-Man minifigures in this LEGO® building set for kids feature new-for-March-2019 Avengers team suit decoration.


Beta Ray Bill | Fandral | Heimdall | Hogun | Lady Sif | Odin | Thor Girl | Thunderstrike | Volstagg This buildable superhero playset includes 4 Marvel Universe minifigures: War Machine, Ant-Man and 2 Outriders.

Agent Sitwell | Arnim Zola | Bowman | Doctor List | Grant Ward | Hammer | Militant | Tactical Force | Viper This armor is the Mark 51, but is better known as the Invincible Iron Man suit. It does not appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but is instead from the comic books. This suit was worn by Tony Stark and later Riri Williams. This minifigure was released in 2017, sporting a bright red and golden design that resembles comic books more than the grittier MCU. The most significant change was the new helmet — a brand new mold that did not have an opening face plate. Rather, the face plate was printed onto a flat surface. This piece caused quite a stir amongst LEGO fans when it was first revealed but fortunately the original helmet mold was still used for MCU Iron Man minifigures. This new helmet mold would later be used for other minifigures like Super Adaptoid, Vulture, Wasp, and Rinzler (from Tron). Ghost Spider ( Gwen Stacy) | Iron Spider | Scarlet Spider | Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) | Spider-Girl (Jessica Drew) | Spider-Ham | Spider-Man (Miles Morales) | Spider-Man ( Peter Parker) | Spider-Man Noir | Spider-Man 2099 | Spider-Woman Let me know your thoughts as a whole, and also comment which suit is your favorite! My favorites are the Silver Centurion, War Machine Mark IV, and the Iron Man Mark 45. Let me know which ones are yours!That’s it for this look at all the LEGO Iron Man Suits and Armors! I hope you enjoyed that long read 🙂 Blob | Cyber | Dark Phoenix | Emma Frost | Juggernaut | Lady Deathstrike | Magneto Acolyte | Mastermind | Mini Sentinel | Mystique | Omega Red | Pyro | Sabretooth | Silver Samurai | Toad Colonel James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes is an officer with the United States Air Force and liaison between the military in the Department of Acquisitions and Stark Industries, where he became close friends with Tony Stark. When Stark had been kidnapped by the Ten Rings, Rhodes personally led a mission to rescue his best friend. However, upon their return, Rhodes saw Stark moving away from developing his weapons for the military and soon discovered that he was instead focusing on becoming a hero known as Iron Man. Despite all of his fears for his friend's safety, Rhodes still joined Iron Man in bringing down Obadiah Stane's schemes, while trying to keep Stark's secrets, only for Stark to reveal them to the media himself. As War Machine, Rhodes continued serving his country and assisted the Avengers with defeating Ultron, as War Machine played a key role in ensuring that the people of Sokovia were rescued before Ultron could cause mass extinction. However, Rhodes soon found himself in conflict with the Avengers as the debate over the Sokovia Accords led to Captain America and Iron Man disagreeing and War Machine choosing to side with the government in support of the Accords. As the conflict worsened, War Machine clashed with Captain America's allies while they tried to protect the Winter Soldier and expose the plans of Helmut Zemo, only for War Machine to be crippled as he had been inadvertently shot out of the sky by Vision.

Colonel James Rhodes is the liaison between Stark Industries and the U.S. Air Force, as well as the pilot of the powerful War Machine armour. “Rhodey” is a good and loyal friend to Tony Stark, and he can always be counted on to lend Iron Man a repulsor-powered hand in an emergency. In 2018, a larger version of the Age of Ultron Hulkbuster was released to commemorate 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Released in set 76105, it was the second-largest LEGO Marvel set released (at the time of writing), and stood at 25cm tall. It also has opening panels and an opening head dome to allow you to place an Iron Man minifigure inside, which is a very cool feature. In addition, the arms and legs are poseable thanks to several ball joint connections, while the fingers can grab onto minifigures like Ultron Prime in the image above. The right hand also has a pair of stud shooters that can be fired off at anyone who crosses your path. All in all, this model is pretty awesome and makes for a fun version of a big Iron Man suit.

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